Syntheogen Guide

Filter effect

Updated April 27, 2013

The filters offered by Syntheogen's subtractive synthesizer and hybrid sampler are controlled by envelopes; this can produce interesting effects, but it requires that a separate filter instance be maintained for each note in a given pattern, placing a significant load on your device.

This effect implements a filter without an envelope, allowing the entire output of a track to be processed by one instance. If you do not need key tracking or envelope or LFO control of filter parameters, you should disable any synthesis filters and use an effect filter instead.

After setting the effect type to Filter, the following controls will appear, each matching its namesake in the synthesis view:

TRACK EFFECTS dialog with filter

TRACK EFFECTS dialog with Filter effect

Filter type Sets the type of the filter, whether low-pass, band-pass, high-pass, or band-stop.
FREQ Sets the filter cutoff, or the center frequency, in Hertz.

Sets the range over which the filter transitions from its pass band to its stop band, this varying inversely with the filter's slope or quality factor.

Low values produce sharp, distinctive resonance peaks; very low values cause the filter to oscillate. This produces interesting effects but it can also create extremely loud sounds! Be careful when setting this value.

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