Syntheogen Guide

Reverb effect

Updated April 27, 2013

Reverb emulates the thousands of small echoes that occur when sounds are made in an enclosed space; it adds color to tracks and imparts a sense of space to the mix as a whole.

Setting the effect type to Reverb presents the following controls:

TRACK EFFECTS dialog with reverb

TRACK EFFECTS dialog with Reverb effect

SIZE Sets the length of the delays used to create the reverb. Small values emulate small spaces like rooms; large values emulate large reverberant structures like halls.
CLUTTER Sets the amount of variety in the delay lengths; larger values also increase the size. Theoretically, small values emulate simple, symmetrical spaces, while larger ones reproduce complex spaces with columns, corridors, and other features. In practice, this parameter and SIZE are best set by trial and error.
FEED Sets the percentage of each echo that is returned to the input to create echoes of its own. Large values create ringing effects that are interesting, if not realistic; they also cause the effect to persist for many seconds, consuming more of your device's resources.
WET Sets the level of the echoes produced by the effect.
DRY Sets the amount of the input signal to be mixed into the effect's output. Setting DRY to zero allows only the reverberation to be heard.

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