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Tremolo effect

Updated November 10, 2013

Tremolo modulates the signal's amplitude with an LFO, which can add a mild, tremulous quality to sustained notes, or create dramatic chopping effects. Similar results can be produced by targeting Level with one of the LFOs in the subtractive synthesizer or the hybrid sampler; this effect is more flexible, however, and applying it after other effects can yield interesting sounds.

After setting the effect type to Tremolo, you will see the following controls:

TRACK EFFECTS dialog with tremolo

TRACK EFFECTS dialog with Tremolo effect

Shape Sets the shape of the LFO waveform.
PHASE Sets the starting phase of the LFO waveform, in degrees; this determines whether the tremolo ascends or descends when the loop starts. At low LEN values, this setting will have little effect.
LEN Sets the length, in beats, of one LFO cycle. Because the length is specified in beats, changing the loop or song tempo will change the tremolo rate as well.
DEPTH Sets the amount, in percent, by which the signal is attenuated when the LFO reaches its lowest point. When DEPTH is 100, the output varies from full volume to silence. When it is zero, the signal is not modulated at all.

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