Syntheogen Guide

Loop Properties

Updated March 26, 2014

The LOOP PROPERTIES dialog is displayed by tapping the title bar on the LOOP STEPS, LOOP MIX, or LOOP EFFECTS dialog:



The dialog contains the following controls:

NAME Sets the name of the loop.

Sets the loop tempo, in beats per minute.

This tempo is used only when editing or exporting the loop; each song has its own tempo which overrides that of the loops it references.

Sets the loop repeat length, which determines the width of the range displayed in the LOOP STEPS view, and the way patterns are repeated during playback from the loop dialogs, and during loop export.

The repeat length may not be shorter than the longest track referenced by the loop, nor may it be longer than 64 beats. Generally, you will set the length to an even multiple of the various pattern lengths.

Like the loop tempo, this value is used only when editing or exporting the loop; song elements have their own lengths which override the lengths of referenced loops.

Exports three loop iterations to a CD-quality WAVE file in the Syntheogen/Exports folder on your device's internal storage. Previous exports from this loop are overwritten automatically.

Neither loop nor song exports are supported by the Syntheogen demo.
DONE Closes the LOOP PROPERTIES dialog.

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