Syntheogen Guide


Updated March 31, 2015

This is the Syntheogen™ user guide, which offers detailed help on all parts of the app. If this is your first time using Syntheogen, read the tutorial, or watch the Quick Start video:

For help with specific features, see these pages:

Demo version

Syntheogen normally saves your work automatically as you edit tracks, loops, and songs. Although the demo version does save tracks and loops, it does not save songs, nor does it export loops or songs to WAVE files like the standard version. Therefore, while using the demo, your songs will persist as long as you stay in the application, but if you close the app with the Back button, your songs will be lost. If you put the demo version into the background by taking a call or pressing the Home button, your work may persist temporarily, but Android can close background apps at any time, so be sure to upgrade when you're ready to do real work!

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