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Recent changes

Updated February 4, 2015

Version 0.13.4 BETA

Apply new color scheme

Updated display colors throughout the application.

Add SHOW ALL button to ALL TRACKS dialog

In the past, every track on the device was displayed in the ALL TRACKS dialog, even though tracks not referenced by the current loop cannot be edited. Now, by default, only referenced tracks are displayed; to see other tracks, light the SHOW ALL button.

Fix disappearing step selection highlight

Fixed a problem causing the selection highlight to disappear when the LEVEL knob was used to edit a step selected in the LOOP STEPS dialog.

Version 0.13.2 BETA

Increase minimum OS requirement to Android 4.0

Increased the minimum OS requirement from Android 3.0 to Android 4.0 in order to support S-Pen input on Galaxy Note devices, along with other non-capacitive stylus input. Older app versions will continue to work on older devices, so long as they are not uninstalled.

Possible fix for Samsung S-Pen input

Implemented a possible fix allowing S-Pen input on Galaxy Note devices.

Version 0.13.0 BETA

Add keyboard to TRACK dialogs

Added scrollable, resizable keyboards to the TRACK SYNTH and TRACK EFFECTS dialogs.

Implement pattern recording

Added RECORD buttons to the TRACK SYNTH and TRACK EFFECTS dialogs. When recording is active, keyboard input is recorded in real time to the displayed track.

Allow steps to be quantized to guide

When a step range is selected, the QUANT button now appears on the LOOP STEPS dialog. Pressing this button causes the edges of selected steps to be 'rounded' to the nearest guide boundary.

It is also possible to quantize steps during recording by lighting the QUANT buttons on the TRACK SYNTH and TRACK EFFECTS dialogs.

Improve audio render performance

Decreased the system resources required to synthesize output by as much as one-third, especially where synthesis filters are used.

Decrease playback latency

Greatly decreased the time that passes between the moment user input is received and the moment feedback or new synthesis settings are heard.

Increase maximum step length to 64 beats

Untied steps can now be made as long as the containing pattern, which can itself be up to 64 beats long.

Allow decimal step positions and lengths

The NOTE PROPERTIES dialog has always allowed note positions and lengths to be entered as fractions; these can now be specified with decimal fractions as well.

Version 0.12.3 BETA

Improve scale modulation

In the past, changing a track to a scale with a different length caused melodies and harmonies to lose their position relative to the tonic, producing unmusical results. Phrases within a given octave are now stretched or compressed to fit the new scale.

Filter samples by tag

Entries on the SAMPLE dialog can now be filtered by selecting one or more tags.

Fix guides that do not divide evenly into pattern

Fixed a problem causing irregularities when selecting or dragging notes within a guide that does not divide evenly into the pattern length when the pattern is shorter than the loop repeat length.

Fix step selection after step toggled

Fixed a problem causing the step selection to be hidden after a step is set with the TOGGLE STEP button.

Fix display on high-resolution devices

Fixed small problems affecting display on high-resolution devices.

Version 0.12.1 BETA

Make off-guide steps visible and editable

In the past, set steps were not accessible unless the guide in which they were set was active. Now, all steps are visible at all times and available to be selected, copied, or unset.

Display NOTE PROPERTIES when step long-tapped

Long-tapping a set step now displays the NOTE PROPERTIES dialog, where the step's position, length, pitch, level, and ties can be edited.

Allow steps to be moved with long-tap and drag

Fix LOOP STEPS display of short steps in expanded element

Fixed a problem causing some lines in LOOP STEPS view to be omitted when very short steps were displayed and a loop element was expanded.

Fix ALL TRACKS view after track created

Fixed a problem causing ALL TRACKS view to appear empty after track created.

Allow positions and lengths to be specified with mixed fractions

Improve LOOP STEPS render performance

Version 0.11.5 BETA

Improve Reduction effect

Added HOLD knob to Reduction effect and changed DEPTH to allow fractional bit depths.

Replace various CUT buttons with DELETE

Replaced CUT STEPS, CUT EFFECT, and CUT ELEMENT buttons with DELETE buttons that remove without copying. When loops or loop elements are deleted, the user is now prompted to delete unused tracks as well.

Fix LFO 'Saw' shape and add 'Reverse saw'

The original 'Saw' LFO type was reversed. Changed name of original type to 'Reverse saw', and added correct waveform as 'Saw'.

Make small miscellaneous improvements

Changed new loops to include six default tracks. Changed sample lists to show the sample description rather than the file name. Added additional columns to many lists. Added 'Aqua' loop element style. Improved MAIN dialog layout on large displays. Replaced USER AGREEMENT dialog.

Version 0.11.3 BETA

Support more sample formats

Added support for 8-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit, and 48kHz WAVE samples.

Show connections between tied steps

Added thin lines to the LOOP STEPS dialog showing connections between tied steps. Also changed the way off-guide steps are represented.

Display guide metrics in corner of LOOP STEPS view

The current guide length and offset are now displayed in the upper-left corner of the LOOP STEPS view.

Improve step paste and randomize functions

Added START TONE to PASTE STEPS dialog so the vertical position of step ranges can be specified when pasting. Changed step range randomize function so that pitches can vary outside the visible range.

Fix hybrid sampler FM

Fixed a problem producing noise or very occasional crash when using high FM index in the hybrid sampler.

Improve update performance in LOOP MIX dialog

Fixed a problem causing controls to respond slowly when editing a loop with many elements in the LOOP MIX dialog.

Version 0.11.1 BETA

Implement add-on sample editor

Added ADD SAMPS button to MAIN dialog, allowing custom samples to be imported for use with the simple and hybrid samplers.

Show current part names on navigation bar

Added small labels to the navigation bar showing the current song, loop, and track.

Fix LOOP STEPS display corruption after sleep

Fixed a problem causing display corruption and occasional crash on HTC One X when device locked with the LOOP STEPS dialog visible.

Fix problem affecting loop element copies

Fixed a problem causing some properties to be ignored when loop elements copied and pasted.

Make small usability improvements

Changed LOOP MIX element panels so that single tap on colored tab scrolls to element in LOOP STEPS dialog, long tap displays track in TRACK SYNTH dialog. Simplified tone selection by dividing long list into separate NOTE and OCTAVE lists. Removed loop element PAN and LVL controls from PASTE ELEMENT dialog. Added 'menu' icon to title bars that are tapped to display properties. Changed loop and song creation to display LOOP STEPS or SONG dialog after CREATE pressed.

Version 0.10.7 BETA

Add EDIT button to ALL TRACKS dialog

Added an EDIT button to the ALL TRACKS dialog, allowing tracks referenced by the current loop to be opened in the TRACK SYNTH dialog. Tracks not referenced by the current loop are now displayed in grey.

Split NEW button from DERIVE NEW on ALL SONGS, ALL LOOPS, and ALL TRACKS dialogs

Previously, the NEW button read DERIVE NEW when a part was selected in the ALL SONGS, ALL LOOPS, or ALL TRACKS dialog, and its behavior changed accordingly. Now, two separate buttons are displayed.

Add DERIVE NEW button to TRACK dialog

Added a DERIVE NEW button to the TRACK dialog displayed when a Track edit box is pressed on the LOOP MIX dialog. This provides a quick way to copy an existing track to a new track not referenced by any other loop.

Change default scale to chromatic

Changed the default scale for new tracks to chromatic.

Change name of Augmented scale to 'Whole tone'

Fix problem occasionally causing COPY EFFECT and CUT EFFECT to be ignored

Fixed a problem that caused the COPY EFFECT and CUT EFFECT buttons on the TRACK EFFECTS and LOOP EFFECTS dialogs to stop working temporarily after the type of the selected effect was changed, and sometimes after importing effects.

Prevent playback discontinuity when song element updated

Changed the song element update process so that playback is no longer reset when a song element change is made.

Rearrange MAIN dialog

Make small usability improvements

Added thumbs to all lists and views. Caused the last position to be restored when certain lists are redisplayed. Limited the text entry length for edit boxes associated with knobs.

Version 0.10.5 BETA

Fix filter modulation playback error

Fixed a problem that caused an 'RA9' error to be displayed in some situations when modulating a filter envelope.

Version 0.10.4 BETA

Fix playback when A2DP in use

Fixed a problem that often caused playback to fail when Bluetooth and A2DP were used to stream real time audio from the device.

Prevent app from closing when lock screen displayed

Fixed a problem that caused the application to close when the lock screen was displayed on certain devices.

Prevent texture corruption in LOOP STEPS and SONG dialogs

Fixed a problem that occasionally allowed textures to become corrupted when the application was placed in the background with the LOOP STEPS or SONG dialog active.


Fixed a problem that allowed the ALL TRACKS or ALL LOOPS dialog to persist in the background when the EDIT button was pressed on the REFERENCING LOOPS or REFERENCING SONGS dialog.

Make usability improvements

In previous versions, when a loop was created without specifying a loop source, no tracks or loop elements were created, and only one guide was added to the loop. Now, four new tracks are created for the loop, with corresponding loop elements, and three default guides are added. Also changed the NEW button on the ALL TRACKS, ALL LOOPS, and ALL SONGS dialogs to read DERIVE NEW when a part is selected.

Make aesthetic improvements

Version 0.10.2 BETA

Support input from mouse or non-capacitive stylus

Fixed a problem that prevented mouse or non-capacitive stylus input from being accepted by the application.

Replace SONG ELEMENT dialog EDIT button

Replaced the EDIT button on the SONG ELEMENT dialog with a button inset within the LOOP edit box.

Make small usability improvements

Clarified the instruction text on various list dialog title bars. Added 'clear' buttons to some edit boxes.

Version 0.10.0 BETA

Add navigation bar and redesign MAIN dialog

Added a navigation bar to the right edge of the display, allowing all major dialogs to be reached with a single tap. Redesigned the MAIN dialog to provide labels for the bar.

Simplify loop element creation

Added an option to the PASTE ELEMENT dialog that allows a track to be created at the same time a loop element is added.

Replace PATCH buttons with track edit box buttons

Replaced the PATCH button on each loop element mix panel with a button inset within the track edit box.

Add harmonic and melodic minor scales

Correctly encode song and loop names before export

Fixed a problem causing exports to fail for songs or loops with names containing certain non-alphanumeric characters.

Do not allow parts to have blank names

Fixed a problem allowing blank names to be entered for tracks and loops.

Version 0.9.2 BETA

Clear touch points and reset controls when gestures cancelled

Changed the way touchscreen 'cancel' events are handled. This fixes a problem caused by the 'HTC gestures' feature on some phones.

Add option to show 'down' touch points

Added SHOW TOUCH POINTS to the SETUP dialog. This option displays the positions of all 'down' fingers, as reported by the touchscreen.

Attempt to warn user when install corrupted

In the past, if Android failed to install the application completely, the icon would appear in the Android launcher, but tapping it would cause a crash. This version attempts to diagnose corrupt installs and warn the user.

Replace demo song

Replaced the original demo song with two new ones: 'Dark Edges', and 'Perfect Waif'.

Version 0.9.0 BETA

Add effects

Added the flanger, chorus, comb filter, and tremolo effects.

Import effects when creating loop with loop source

Fixed a problem causing loop effects to be ignored when creating a loop from a loop source in the ALL LOOPS dialog.

Copy BYPASS state when copying effects and conserve state when changing effect type

Fixed a problem causing the effect BYPASS state to be cleared when one effect was pasted over another, or when the effect type was changed.

Limit range when randomizing step pitches

Changed the step RANDOM function so that, if the loop element happens to be expanded, only pitches near the original pitch range are used.

Display LOOP STEPS dialog when song element long-tapped

Long-tapping a song element now displays the associated loop in the LOOP STEPS dialog, just as if the EDIT button had been pressed on the SONG ELEMENT dialog.

Version 0.8.0 BETA

Support loop-level effects

It is now possible to add effects to loops; these process the combined output of the loop, after mixing occurs in the LOOP MIX dialog.

Fix delay effect with stereo source

Fixed a problem causing an unwanted stereo effect when a stereo signal was passed to a delay effect with zero OFFSET.

Improve Reduction effect

Because earlier versions did not account for the implicit significand bit, the Reduction effect produced more noise than necessary when the bit depth was lowered. This version corrects that problem, and extends the range of the Reduction DEPTH parameter to 24. It also fixes a problem that caused significant performance degradation when Reduction was followed by another effect.

Lower maximum delay and reverb feedback levels

Lowered the maximum delay and reverb feedback levels to 95.

Change name of EDIT button on loop element mix panels to PATCH

Show changes when new version first run

Added a help screen that shows recent changes the first time a new version is run. Pressing the version button on the MAIN dialog also shows this screen.

Fix export progress estimate

In previous versions, the length of effect tails was estimated very crudely, allowing the displayed progress to go far beyond 100% when exporting a loop or song with heavy delay or reverb. This version makes accurate tail estimates.

Make small usability improvements

The selected loop element is now restored upon returning to the LOOP MIX dialog, and the selected effect is restored upon returning to the TRACK EFFECTS dialog. Haptic feedback is provided when a loop element heading is long-tapped

Version 0.7.0 BETA

Automate sizing of visible step range

Previously, the visible step range for a given track could be set only by entering an explicit range in the TRACK PROPERTIES dialog. Now, the entire step range can be viewed by tapping the loop element heading; tapping again collapses the element to show the step range that is in use. Long-tapping the element heading displays the TRACK SYNTH dialog the way an ordinary tap did before.

Fix diminished scale

Fixed a problem causing patterns using the Diminished scale to play incorrectly.

Allow loops to be saved while using the demo

Previously, the demo saved changes to tracks, but not to loops or songs. Now loop changes are saved, and only song changes are lost when the app is stopped.

Change button and background colors

Version 0.6.1 BETA

Add context-sensitive, offline help

Added help buttons to most dialogs. Offline help pages document the controls on referencing dialogs and provide links to pages in the online Syntheogen Guide. Changed the name of the HELP button on the MAIN dialog to GUIDE.

Cause high delay offsets to take effect immediately

Changed the delay effect so that the right input channel is not passed to the output if OFFSET is non-zero. This causes ping-pong and other stereo effects to start immediately, before the first full iteration of the delay.

Prevent steps from being placed out of visible range when new track created

Fixed a problem allowing steps to appear outside a pattern's visible range when a track is created from a pattern source, and the visible range is set on the NEW TRACK dialog to a range smaller than that covered by the source.

Change the default filter cutoff to C7

Changed the default filter cutoff value to C7, 2093 hertz. When TRACK is 100, the tones produced by self-oscillating filters with this cutoff will match the tonality of the source pattern.

Add 'orange' to loop element styles

Version 0.5.0 BETA

Add synthesis presets

Added various preset synthesis patches that can be used as patch sources or imported into existing tracks.

Add LEVEL knob to simple sampler

Added a LEVEL knob to the simple sampler providing the same functionality found in the hybrid sampler.

Increase oscillator and sample intonation range

Increased the SEMIS range for all oscillators and samples to 36 semitones in either direction.

Increase maximum oscillator and sample levels

Increased the maximum LEVEL for all oscillators and samples to 200.

Add more LFO rates

Added more LFO rates, including values useful for quintuple or septuple time.

Prevent pattern truncation when SCALE tonic set to high tone

Fixed a problem causing pattern data to be truncated if the scale tonic was set to a very high tone.

Fix level and filter envelopes in tied steps

Fixed a problem causing a discontinuity to be heard at the end of a level or filter envelope if two steps were tied and the envelope attack equalled or exceeded the length spanned by the notes.

Allow LEN BODY to be used with tied steps

Fixed a problem causing sample playback to be interrupted or restarted if two steps were tied and LEN BODY was set below the maximum.

Fix playback of down-pitched samples

Fixed a problem causing sample playback to be truncated if SEMIS was set well below zero.

Redesign MAIN dialog

Changed the layout of the MAIN dialog, and added basic help text.

Make small usability improvements

Decreased the list entry height, and resized various list dialogs. Improved the keyboard shift state behavior. The list scroll position and selection state are now restored after returning to the ALL TRACKS, ALL LOOPS, or ALL SONGS dialogs. The loop repeat length is now copied when a source is specified for a new loop. Empty loops and songs now prompt the user to paste an element. Newly-created guides are now selected automatically by the GUIDES dialog. Audio feedback is now provided when a step is set with the TOGGLE STEP button. Widened the SAMP edit on the hybrid synthesis display. Reduced the size of the REFERENCING SONGS dialog.

Version 0.4.3 BETA

Improve flick scrolling

Fixed a problem that caused inconsistent responses to flick gestures on many devices.

Replace track dialog SOLO buttons with ELEMENT MIX buttons

Replaced the SOLO button on the TRACK SYNTH and TRACK EFFECT dialogs with ELEMENT MIX, which displays the ELEMENT MIX dialog. This allows PAN, LEVEL, MUTE, or SOLO to be set without leaving the active track dialog.

Replace track dialog IMPORT and EXPORT buttons

Replaced the IMPORT and EXPORT buttons on the TRACK SYNTH and TRACK EFFECT dialogs with IMPORT PATCH and EXPORT PATCH, which allow synthesis settings, effect settings, or both to imported or exported from either location.

Fix problem causing Bypass state to be ignored when effects imported or exported

After importing or exporting effect settings, any effect that was bypassed in the source track will now be bypassed in the target track as well.

Adjust step spacing in LOOP STEPS view

Decreased the space between steps slightly and increased the width of the dividers that separate pattern iterations.

Use context to suggest names for new parts

Better default names are now offered when creating tracks, loops, and songs.

Propagate track names to patches and patterns

In the past, arbitrary names were assigned to the patches and patterns created for new tracks. The first time this version is run, existing patches and patterns will be updated with the name of the track that references them. Henceforth, all new patches and patterns will also take the name of the referencing track, and these names will be updated when the track name changes.

List patches and patterns as sources in NEW TRACK dialog

In the past, tracks were listed in the NEW TRACK dialog PATCH SOURCE and PATTERN SOURCE edit boxes. Now, to support preset patches and patterns, patches and patterns are listed directly, even when not associated with a track.

Add option to display performance data

Added a checkbox to the SETUP dialog that displays real-time performance data in the lower-left corner of the display.

Version 0.4.0 BETA

Change name of LEVEL knob to VOL

The LEVEL knob near the top of the song, loop, and track dialogs is now called VOL.

Change name and extend functionality of NOTE knob

The NOTE knob on the LOOP STEPS dialog is now called LEVEL. If nothing is selected, the knob sets the level to be used when new steps are set. If a loop element is selected, the knob sets that element's level, just like the LEVEL knob on the LOOP MIX dialog. If a step is selected, the knob sets the step's level, as before.

Replace RANDOM POSITION and RANDOM PITCH buttons with single RANDOM button

Replaced the RANDOM buttons with a single button that displays the RANDOMIZE STEPS dialog.

Change Back button functionality

The Back button now follows the Android usability guidelines more closely, allowing movement between the LOOP STEPS and LOOP MIX dialogs, or between the TRACK SYNTH and TRACK EFFECTS dialogs.

Display piano key color pattern in LOOP STEPS view when scale set to Chromatic

Setting the scale of a track to Chromatic now causes the steps in referencing loop elements to be displayed with light and dark colors that match the keys of a piano. In other scales, only tonic notes are highlighted, as before.

Song CUT ELEMENT dialog should use element description

In the past, the song CUT ELEMENT dialog referenced elements by their loop names; now, if the selected element has a description, the dialog uses that instead.

Fix LOOP STEPS view corruption

Fixed a thread synchronization problem that very occasionally caused the LOOP STEPS view to become corrupted.

Version 0.3.0 BETA

Add Reduction effect

Added the Reduction effect, which creates digital distortion by lowering bit rates and bit depths.

Add stereo offset to Delay effect

Added the OFFSET parameter to the Delay effect, allowing the right delay channel to be shifted in time relative to the left. This can create ping-pong delays as well as other stereo effects.

Display error after fill exception

If an exception is thrown within the audio load thread, a dialog is now displayed showing the error code and explaining how to resume playback.

Assign unique codes to all errors

Added unique three-letter codes to all exceptions and error reports to simplify bug reporting.

Fix effect filter drop-outs

Fixed problem causing the Filter effect to drop out temporarily, allowing unfiltered content to pass through.

Version 0.2.0 BETA

Modulate AM index additively

In the past, LFO modulation caused the AM index to be scaled by values that ranged from one-half to two per LFO. The values now range from negative one to one per LFO, and they are added to the AM index instead. This allows the index to be modulated all the way to (and even past) zero.

Modulate FM index and level linearly

In the past, LFO modulation caused the FM index or the level to be scaled by values that ranged from one-half to two per LFO. The values now range from one minus the targeting LFO count to one plus the count. This allows the index or level to be modulated all the way to (and even past) zero.

Adjust filter pitch modulation

In the past, LFO modulation caused the filter pitch to vary from the minimum valid pitch to the value specified in the synthesis settings, or the current envelope value if an envelope was in use. Modulating with a single LFO at maximum depth now varies the pitch from the minimum to twice the specified value, or twice the current envelope value.

Adjust filter width modulation

In the past, LFO modulation caused the filter width to move well outside the stable range for the filter. Modulating with a single LFO at maximum depth now varies the width from the minimum valid width to twice the value specified in the synthesis settings.

Add sample crossfade looping

Added a sample loop mode called 'Fade' that crossfades the end of the loop region with the beginning of the next iteration.

Increase minimum step size to 1/32 beat

Changed the minimum step size for new guides from 1/64 beat to 1/32 beat. Tracks and loops with smaller steps will continue to load and play properly, but it is no longer possible to create new guides with steps smaller than 1/32 beat.

Make very small steps at least one pixel wide in LOOP STEPS dialog

Previously, when the LOOP STEPS view was zoomed out far enough, the width of very short steps would fall below one pixel, preventing anything from being displayed in the view. Steps now are always given at least one pixel of width.

Increase maximum horizontal zoom in LOOP STEPS dialog

It is possible now to zoom in farther horizontally, allowing smaller steps to be edited.

Fix sample bounce looping

When samples are looped in Bounce mode, a forward copy of the loop region is now added to the beginning of the release to ensure continuity when playback transitions from the reversed portion of the loop to the release.

BEWARE: The LFO changes may alter the output of existing tracks! Changes like this will generally be avoided, but they are somewhat likely during the beta period. Restore the original output by lowering the DEPTH settings of affected LFOs.

Version 0.1.7 BETA

Fix synthesis parameter restoration

Fixed problems causing some synthesis parameters not to be restored when the user changes and then restores the synthesis type for a given track.

Restore loop element IDs, if possible, when pasting elements

In the past, if a loop element was cut and then pasted back into the loop, any song elements that used the loop had their references to the cut loop element cleared, even though the loop element was available again. If possible, those references are now retained.

Make haptic feedback optional

Added a checkbox to the Setup dialog allowing the vibration that normally happens when controls are tapped to be disabled.

Prevent touch selections during pinch gestures

Fixed a problem allowing one of the fingers in a pinch gesture to toggle a pattern step if that finger was stationary during the gesture.

Make small cosmetic improvements

Increased dialog corner radii, improved control and dialog shadows, and changed some patterns.

Add option to display finger positions

A hidden setting now exists that causes images to be displayed showing the position of all 'down' fingers, as reported by the touchscreen.

Allow clips to have different loop modes

Store loop modes at the clip level so that different clips can use different modes.

Version 0.1.5 BETA

Initial release.

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