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Updated February 19, 2015

Syntheogen™ has composition features you won't find in other apps. The LOOP STEPS dialog shows every pattern in your loop in the same display, letting you edit complex compositions without shuffling between views. Notes are represented with steps that are set or unset with a single tap:


LOOP STEPS dialog showing loop with multiple tracks

You can zoom in or out with pinch gestures, or move any note by long-tapping and dragging.

Steps are set within grids known as step guides. Creating a custom guide lets you enter triplets or use almost any time signature you want:

LOOP STEPS dialog with different guide

LOOP STEPS dialog with guide containing one-beat steps offset by one-third

Steps can be stretched or bent with step ties; you can even bend entire chords, or bend a single note while others are held.

Entire tracks can be transposed or modulated by selecting a different mode or scale:


TRACK PROPERTIES dialog for pattern using major scale

Syntheogen lets you add as many tracks to each loop as your device can handle. It also lets you reuse tracks in different loops and songs:

LOOP MIX dialog

LOOP MIX dialog

Every track can be voiced with a subtractive synthesizer, a 'simple' sampler that uses minimal resources, or a 'hybrid' sampler that combines sampling with subtractive synthesis. All synths support unlimited polyphony. Oscillators can be mixed additively or combined with AM or FM synthesis:


TRACK SYNTH dialog showing subtractive sampler

Every loop and track has its own set of effects, and you can add as many to each loop or track as you want. Effects include clipping, reduction, flanger, chorus, filter, comb filter, tremolo, delay, and reverb:


TRACK EFFECTS dialog with multiple effects

Loops are joined into sequences to form songs:

SONG dialog

SONG dialog with multiple loops

Tracks can be selectively enabled or disabled within songs, allowing you to build dynamic arrangements from just a few loops:


SONG ELEMENT dialog with two tracks disabled

Every dialog provides detailed, context-sensitive help telling you what you need to know without leaving the application:

Example help dialog

Example help dialog

Watch the Quick Start video to see these features in action:

Syntheogen Quick Start video

To learn more, install the Syntheogen demo and follow the tutorial to build a song.

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