Syntheogen Guide

Part Management

Updated February 4, 2015

There are three part management dialogs: ALL SONGS, ALL LOOPS, and ALL TRACKS. Each lets you create, delete, or edit parts:



The dialogs are opened with the ALL SONGS, ALL LOOPS, and ALL TRACKS buttons on the navigation bar.

The list shows all parts of the associated type on your device. Syntheogen makes all your songs, loops, and tracks available at all times, allowing you to reuse parts or copy settings whenever you like. To the right are several buttons, some of which appear only on certain dialogs:


This button changes as parts are selected in the list. If the part is referenced by one or more other parts, the number of references is noted in the button text, and the button is enabled. If no part references the selected part, the button reads NO REFS, and is disabled.

Pressing the button opens the REFERENCING LOOPS or REFERENCING SONGS dialog; these list the referencing parts, and allow you to edit or delete them.

Songs are not referenced by other parts, so the button does not appear on the ALL SONGS dialog.

It is not possible to edit a given track unless it is part of the current loop; therefore, by default, only tracks referenced by that loop are displayed in the ALL TRACKS dialog. Lighting this button overrides this restriction, causing all tracks to appear in the list. Tracks that cannot be edited are displayed in grey.

This button appears only on the ALL TRACKS dialog.
NEW Displays the NEW TRACK, NEW LOOP, or NEW SONG dialog, allowing you to create a new part.
DERIVE NEW Like the NEW button, this shows the NEW TRACK, NEW LOOP, or NEW SONG dialog, but it first copies settings from the selected part, providing an easy way to make copies or variations.

Deletes the selected part.

Before deleting, check the REF button to be sure no other part uses the selected part. If a loop is deleted, any song elements that reference it will be deleted too. If a track is deleted, any loop elements that reference it will be deleted.

Opens the part for editing.

Tracks cannot be edited outside of loops, so tracks that are not part of the current loop will be greyed, and the EDIT button will be disabled when these are selected.

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