Syntheogen Guide

Delay effect

Updated June 20, 2013

Delay effects mix delayed copies of the input signal into the output, creating discrete echoes, 'slapback' effects, or thick washes of sound that resemble reverberation.

After setting the effect type to Delay, you will see the following controls:

TRACK EFFECTS dialog with delay

TRACK EFFECTS dialog with Delay effect

LEN Sets the delay length, in beats. This controls the time that passes between a sound and its echo.
FEED Sets the delay feedback, in percent. After being added to the output, each echo is scaled by the feedback value and returned to the input. When the feedback is zero, this process has no effect, and only one echo sounds for a given input; when it is non-zero, a portion of each echo goes on to produce echoes of its own, potentially creating thick reverberant sounds.

Sets the right channel offset as a percentage of the delay length. This determines the amount by which the right channel delay is shifted relative to the left, with higher values causing echoes in that channel to be heard sooner.

Setting OFFSET to 50 implements a ping-pong delay; setting it to other non-zero values creates different stereo effects.
WET Sets the level of the echoes produced by the delay.
DRY Sets the amount of the input signal to be included in the effect's output. Setting DRY to zero allows only the echoes to be heard.

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